Baird Manufacturer
Baird Manufacturer

The History of Baird Manufacturer

Baird Valve and Regulator L.L.C.,

In 1922, Lynne D. Baird established Baird Supply Company and in 1925, he formed Baird Tool Works. Ten years later Baird Tool Works, the remaining company, moved to Baird’s present location in Tulsa.

For over 88 years, Baird Valve and Regulator, LLC has worked to assist production men with the problems encountered in oil and gas wells, particularly under severe conditions.

Baird is proud of its pioneering background in oil and gas well industry equipment manufacture. But our main concentration is on new developments, techniques, and improved tools.

We pledge our assistance to production men, repairment and supply company personnel in attaining their goal of providing uninterrupted production to their customers.

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